(1) competitive salary:
Establish a scientific salary distribution mechanism, carry out to post salary management as the foundation, the work performance as the core of salary incentive system, keep the company whole compensation levels of competitiveness in the market.
Fixed salary (post basic salary) + change salary (monthly performance bonus + annual performance bonus + other awards) + work allowance (SiLing allowance + other allowances).

(2) the rich employee benefits:
1, paid vacation: the five day eight hours a day, according to the state regulations shall enjoy legal false and annual leave, travel false.
2, travel allowance: the company for the rank of the staff to provide corresponding standard travel allowance.
3, old member service award: to give the company a long service for older workers special bonus (gold prize).
4, and holidays welfare: the traditional holiday company handed out cash benefits for employees.
4, communication allowance: applicable to foreign business contact more jobs.
5, and housing allowances: for the production of providing free accommodation grades or housing allowances.
6, medical staff: the middle management personnel to provide more than full health check.
7, family welfare: for the deep door staff provide travel visit to submit an expense account.
8, deep household welfare: to meet the conditions of the employees to handle the ZhaoDiao shenzhen registered permanent residence.

(3) other employee benefits:
1, provides a system, the standard of internal and external professional skill training.
2, spacious and comfortable, soft hard equipped with excellent working environment.
3 and once a year (or two) promotion and diverse career development channel.
4, stable and safe jobs and good professional reputation.